Golden Eagle Vision Quests

A Wilderness Rite of Passage

“In 1988, while walking in the Montana wilderness, I was called to by a golden eagle and its mate. It led me on a spirit journey to a place of power where I entered into “sacred space”. This experience has grown inside me, inviting me to share it and its emerging visions with others. To awaken and live in heartfelt connection to the earth, the sky, the invisible realms and all forms of life (including our own) is to be in “sacred space”. From here we know our place in creation and the role the Creator intended us to play. From here we experience the planet as a living being who feeds, clothes and loves us everyday of our lives.” Michael Young, 1995

Wilderness Rite of Passage

The vision quest is a timeless rite of passage – an ancient endeavor once practiced throughout the world. It is a spiritual journey into one’s inner personal world and a time of profound bonding with the natural world: the earth, the sky, the moon and stars, the season, the cycle of day and night, as well as the flora and fauna. Alone, with few material provisions, each participant enters into the wilderness to face the unknown. Through Michael’s preparation the participants enter the natural world open and vulnerable and are thus able to receive the teachings and experiences that are directly related to their life journey.


A vision quest provides a setting for transformation. While fasting on water in undisturbed solitude, each participant enters into deepening levels of sacred space. Within this sacred space, the seeds of personal illumination and transformation begin to grow.


A vision quest is not for most people. It takes courage and perseverance to undergo such an experience. Vision quests are for heroes and heroines: folks journeying into the unknown of both the outer and inner worlds. Should you decide to attend this wilderness rite of passage, keep a journal of your inner process of thoughts and feelings because your quest begins the instant that you commit yourself to do it.

Preparation and Orientation

After registering, you are encouraged to alter your diet about six weeks before you arrive at the vision quest site. Once there, days 1-3 are spent in ceremony, community building and shamanic spiritual practices. There will be times each day for you to look for your solo site. Individual mentoring is provided during this important phase.

The Solo Rite of Passage

After selecting a solo site where you will reside during the four days of solitude and a safety “check-in” point so that we can indirectly monitor your well being, a sweatlodge will be given to spiritually align each person. Then the solo part of the quest begins.


This is a time of being, of journaling, of communing with nature and the planet.

All participants return to base camp for the final two days. This is a time of great lightness of being. It is a time for you to reflect upon and share your wilderness experience with the group and to celebrate your return from the unknown. This is a time also used to discern what the vision quest experience may mean for your life. A final group ritual is shared in preparation for returning to the non-magical world of the mainstream culture.


All real transformation is a work-in-process. After returning to your daily life, the seeds of transformation that were planted in your awareness during the vision quest experience begin to grow and take form, first in your consciousness and then in your external life.

Nurturing your Spiritual Journey

People who are attracted to doing a wilderness rite of passage are people who have a continually growing awareness of themselves as creative souls on a spiritual journey. If you have a deep longing to consciously reconnect with Mother Earth as a living being and a desire to delve more deeply into your own inner spiritual self, then please feel welcome to join us.


We accept a limited number of applicants each year in order to provide the best support possible and minimize the impact on the earth. If you wish to join us, please email us with your contact information so that we may get back in touch with you.

Michael will call you via phone to help you clarify your intent and to get to know some of your personal journey thus far. He will recommend dietary arrangements for you and tell you what camping equipment you need to bring.

All participants make their own travel arrangements. All accounts must be paid prior to your arrival at the site. If you are flying into Asheville-Hendersonville Regional Airport and need transport to the site, we will coordinate that for you.


$1,500.00 US dollars for the eight day wilderness rite of passage

Balance should ideally be paid four weeks prior to the beginning of your vision quest.

Contact Michael via email or Contact Form to schedule.