Inner Healing

Your Journey into Wholeness

“Essentially, we are all individuated expressions of the One Emanation or Source or Creator (the One who was here before the beginning of all of creation). Like it, our deepest inner being and nature are also infinite. That part of us is able to infinitely perceive, know, be and receive. This part of us accepts everything and everyone and judges nothing and no one.

As we clear out all of the encrusted thoughts, feelings, beliefs and cellular memories that we have embraced or empathed throughout all of our lifetimes here and elsewhere, that infinite beingness becomes more and more a part of our daily conscious awareness. As the direct flow from the One Emanation within us is unblocked we begin to experience ourselves as magical beings living magical lives filled with increasing levels of grace, abundance and gratitude. We become light and spacious and playful.

The sum total of our limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs restricts us from truly being the potent and magical beings that we really are. Magical beings are inherently capable of being catalysts of change and transformation in many circumstances.” Michael Young. 2016

Your Journey into Wholeness

Michael is available for inner healing facilitation in several ways. You can work with him person to person in his private practice. Or if you live far away, consider working with him through distance sessions. Your spiritual being is beyond time and space. Distance healing preceded by talking on the phone is very effective. The most concentrated way to work with Michael is through the Circle of the Heart School. Each class meets with Michael in Asheville, NC for five three-day weekends during the fall, winter and summer.

Rates for individual one on one distance or in person healing sessions have a sliding scale of $150-$300 per session with sessions lasting 60-90 minutes depending on what is required.

Contact Michael via email or Contact Form to schedule.