Inner Healing

Your Journey into Wholeness

“Our inner nature is whole on every level. Yet we lose our connection to it.

Situations and events shatter us in spite of our best efforts to remain whole. These shatterings are the source of our suffering. We long to reclaim our
Inner Healing experience of being whole.” Michael Young. 2004

The experience of wholeness is one of inner peace, connection and creative expression. The journey into wholeness is a journey of inner healing. Through it we become free to be ourselves fully, free of fear and shame. And though pain may continue to be part of our experience, we no longer fear or resist it. We accept it as part of the wholeness in which we live.

We are also infinite beings who transcend all of the time and space of creation.  As such we are only now beginning to become aware of the potential we have to heal and become free of all limitation.  This is a totally new paradigm of healing and facilitates the learning and healing process for each client.

Your Journey into Wholeness

Michael is available for inner healing facilitation in several ways. You can work with him person to person in his private practice. Or if you live too far away to travel to him in person, consider working with him through distance sessions. This is accomplished by making a telephone appointment during which the two of you explore your areas of personal challenge and growth. The most concentrated way to work with Michael is through the Circle of the Heart School of Wholeness, a three-year program of intense personal growth and awakening. Each class meets with Michael in Asheville, NC for five four-day weekends during the spring, summer and fall.

Rates for individual one on one distance or in person healing sessions have a rate of $150 per session with sessions lasting 60-90 minutes depending on what is required.

Contact Michael via email or Contact Form to schedule.