Circle of the Heart School of Wholeness

Journey into Wholeness

Opening and Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

The purpose of the school is to provide experiential training in an environment that is conducive to opening and learning on the inner planes. This school offers each student an intuitive nonlinear approach to her/his unique unfolding spiritual journey and spiritual gifts.

“Our inner nature is whole on every level. Yet we lose our connection to it. Situations and events shatter us in spite of our best efforts to remain whole. These shatterings are the source of our suffering. We long to reclaim our experience of being whole.

The experience of wholeness is one of inner peace, connection and creative expression. The journey into wholeness is a journey of inner healing. Through it we become free to be ourselves fully, no longer ruled by fear and shame. And though pain may continue to be part of our experience, we no longer resist it. We accept it as part of the wholeness in which we live.” Michael Young, 2004

To evolve into the world of wholeness we must journey inwardly for self-discovery and inner healing. The mission of the Circle of the Heart School of Wholeness is to provide an environment and community in which we can retrieve our lost parts and integrate them into greater levels of wholeness.

We are also infinite beings who by definition transcend any and all of the above points of view of who we are and what we are and what our human potential is.  This is a new and cutting edge level of awareness that is permeating the school and taking us all into the very exciting unknown journey as a group of both students and teachers.

What is the Circle of the Heart School of Wholeness?

The Circle of the Heart School of Wholeness is a three-year training designed to assist participants to become fully embodied infinite beings capable of creating meaningful human lives free of self-limiting beliefs and fears.

Why might I want to attend such a three-year training?

There resides within each of us the echo of our wholeness. Our inner reality is intrinsically whole in potential. Over the course of our lives we experience traumas which shatter us. The shards of these shatterings are lost for long periods of time.

They remain in us as inactive unmanifest potentials. The purpose of the Circle of the Heart School’s program is to retrieve and reactivate these potentials and bring us into ever greater circles of wholeness. The more whole we become, the more functional and empowered we are and the fuller our life experience becomes.

What do I ultimately come away with as a graduate of this School?

Graduates begin to fine tune their inner reality to consciously create personal, professional and social lives which reflect their unique individuated selves and needs. Some students become healing facilitators assisting others to become whole; others find their life purpose is in some other field of endeavor which fulfills their soul’s desire to be here.

How often does the Circle of the Heart School of Wholeness meet?

The COHSW meets five times per year every other month for four days beginning on Thursdays and ending mid afternoon on Sundays. The school starts in the late winter/early spring and ends in the fall; winter is reserved for rest and self-reflection.

What is taught in the curriculum of the COHSW?

Auric Level of Reality:  Over the course of the two-year Foundation training, the students are taught healing techniques to address the conditions pertinent to each of the seven inner layers of the aura. The experience of the school teaches the students how to perceive and manage their own energy field or aura. They are taught how to ground their personal auras; how to open them and fill them with life force energy (chi); and how to regulate that chi to enhance their own well-being and assist others through the modality of hands-on healing. The students are given the experience of how they have developmentally, as children, created energetic defenses to protect themselves from their psychological pain and how these defenses become self-defeating and limiting as adults.

Knowing and experiencing these “character structures” provides a roadmap for the students’ personal healing journey through the school. The COHSW teaches several forms of meditation for self-healing, an ancient chi kung form and a meditation to open the psychic channels of the students. This channel becomes the threshold for spiritual guidance from within. The school teaches core shamanic techniques for personal clarity, power and healing and the theoretical foundation for the ancient tradition of the Kabbalah. A self healing meditation and one healing method from this tradition are also taught.  Lastly, the school teaches  psychic hygiene so that each student can be free of interference from un-beneficial astral entities that can interfere with the student’s mental and emotional processes.

There will be a third year of Mastery of all that is learned in the first two years including how to follow the track, path or wave of the energy during the healing session. This is the place where all the technical healing modalities are transformed into the student’s unique healership. This level of healing is no longer “technical” but becomes “artistry”. This is the level of Mastery.

How do I pay my school tuition?

Some students pay their tuition in full when they register. Most pay with a down payment at registration and the remainder divided over the course of the five classes. The COHSW requires a written financial commitment to pay the full tuition for each year. The school is only interested in those who know that they are committed to attending the full program.

Who is Michael Young?

Michael Young is an internationally known healing facilitator and teacher who is the founder and director of the COHSW. Michael has worked as a healing facilitator and life mentor since 1988 and has taught small groups of interested students for most of that time. He founded the COHSW in 1998. His professional training includes graduating from the New England School of Acupuncture, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, A Society of Souls School of Integrated Kabbalistic Healing and the Center for Intentional Living. Michael is also a gifted teacher of core shamanic practices and leads sweatlodges regularly near Hot Springs, NC.

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