Circle of the Heart School of Wholeness

Journey into Infinity

Opening and Deepening Your Spiritual Connection

Recovering the Infinitude of You

Essentially, we are all individuated expressions of the One Emanation or Source or Creator (the One who was here before the beginning of all of creation). Like it, our deepest inner being and nature are also infinite. That part of us is able to infinitely perceive, know, be and receive.

As we clear out all of the encrusted thoughts, feelings, beliefs and cellular memories that we have embraced or empathed throughout all of our lifetimes here and elsewhere, that infinite beingness becomes more and more a part of our daily conscious awareness. As the direct flow from the One Emanation within us is unblocked we begin to experience ourselves as magical beings living magical lives filled with increasing levels of grace and gratitude. We become light and spacious and playful. When we allow those qualities of who we really are to surface and simultaneously place our hands on other folks, healing happens.

The Circle of the Heart School of Wholeness provides a safe and non-judgmental environment in which to jettison all that each of us has taken on that is a limitation to us.

The sum total of our limiting thoughts, feelings and beliefs restricts us from truly being the potent and magical beings that we really are. Magical beings are inherently capable of being catalysts of great change and healing for others.

The Circle of the Heart School is a two year program meeting five three-day weekends a year. Over the course of those two years, students can expect

1. to become experientially familiar with the human energy field or aura and how to be aware of subtle energy as it expresses itself through the human body;
2. become experientially familiar with the Tree of Life healing tradition called Kabbalah and how to embody healing contribution through that modality;
3. and how to embody 40 Access Body Processes which allow profound healing transformation to come through the student and into the person receiving the contribution.

The purpose of the school is not to teach you technical healing procedures per se but to teach you how to tap into your direct perceiving, knowing, being and receiving to simply allow the magic of the universe to come through you as a contribution to those with whom you work. To accomplish this is very simple and can often be a challenge in the beginning as well.

To accomplish this state of being we will be doing group and personal healing clearings as needed throughout each day of class.


The tuition of the COHSW is $3,000 per year. This can preferably can be paid up front. If this is not possible, then a payment plan can be arranged with a $1,200 deposit and three equal payments of $600 each before the 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes. A simple legal contract will need to be signed in that event in which the student commits to attending and paying for the entire year’s tuition even in the event that the student chooses to not continue for the second year or even drops out. Michael Young commits to attending every class and sharing the full content of the COHSW curriculum.>

Class Dates for 2017

March 24-26
May 26-28
July 21-23
September 22-24
November 17-19

Michael Young is an internationally known healing facilitator and teacher who is the founder and director of the COHSW. Michael has worked as a healing facilitator and life mentor since 1988 and has taught small groups of interested students for most of that time. He founded the COHSW in 1998. His professional training includes graduating from the New England School of Acupuncture, the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, A Society of Souls School of Integrated Kabbalistic Healing and the Center for Intentional Living. His is one of eight licensed practitioners of residential biogeometry used to heal and sanctify people’s homes.

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