Circle of the Heart School of Healing and Life Mastery

Circle of the Heart School of Healing and Life Mastery

I am happy to announce that enrollment is now open for the 2018 Circle of the Heart School of Healing and Life Mastery school year.

So what will I be learning by attending the Circle of the Heart School of Healing and Life Mastery?

The COHS is an experiential spiritual learning environment created by all of us together with me holding the energy of allowance and acceptance for all of the participants to recover their unique gifts and abilities not only as human beings spiritual beings but also as infinite beings. As such, we are all creative magical beings.

Life in this reality can be quite limiting. It is my point of view that we have all learned to cut off much of the magic of who we are to fit in here. The COHS is about becoming consciously aware of everything that we carry in the form of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions, past life agreements and cellular memories that are limitations to who we are individually and choosing to live and function as infinite beings of immense creativity and joy. This process opens a gateway to amazing levels of personal healing and amazing healing gifts. What if we truly are the energy, space and consciousness of Infinity itself? What if we are beings of Infinite Possibility? What if we have the ability to infinitely perceive, know, be and receive? What if there is truly no limit to our creative capacities?

Each participant in the school has unique gifts and abilities. The environment of the school is set up to allow you to re-discover who you really are and how to utilize your innate capacities to heal yourself first, then contribute to others and also to simply masterfully navigate your journey here to suit your own desires and requirements for the life and lifestyle that you wish to create for yourself here in this reality. Though the COHS prepares you for assisting others on their paths, the only expectation of the school is that you use these tools and your gifts to become happy and create a meaningful life for you.

Though I will recommend books for you to read, they are merely invitations for you to broaden your understanding of how reality works here. They are not required reading.

The heart of the learning is purely experiential and takes place during our five three day weekends. The two months in between each class is a time for you to integrate all that happens during those classes and continue to explore these realms by working on your friends. You are welcome to ask for love offerings from them if
you like but not money unless you are already professionally charging for your work.


The tuition of the School is $3,000.00 US which can be paid up front or class by class with a down payment of $600 before school begins and then $600 for each class on the first day of that class meaning that you will be paid in full for the whole year’s tuition by the beginning of the fourth class.

Year One

The first year of the school is focused on enhancing your subtle energy awareness so that you can do hands on energy work with ease. In year one you will learn how to sense into and allow yourself to become the proverbial “hollow bone” as a conduit for healing contribution to others. You will learn how to do this by doing exchanges with other students. Each lab will open you up individually and collectively multi-dimensionally. If you are already a skilled and accomplished hands on healing facilitator then this year is about full mastery for you. It will be about throwing everything you have learned out the window and allowing the magic that comes with not knowing what to do to come in. What energy, space and kindness can you be to contribute to the person on the table’s whole life. body and being? No pre-conceived ideas about what needs to happen! A place to let go and trust the process.  It is much larger than your body/mind.

The middle day of each weekend will be focused on learning how to awaken/embody and heal through the Tree of Life aka Kabbalah. Unlike healing through the human energy field (aura), this modality of healing happens through harmonic resonance and is a state-of-being healing rather than a transmission of healing energy. It is our purpose that the healing work that you do is “art” and not “science”

Note: This is a very ambitious teaching/learning schedule and I will continually be monitoring how we progress as a class. If additional time is needed to allow the group to fully “get” the learning, we will evaluate that as a class. Though you may all be starting from different levels of experience, each person will learn at the rate that works for them.

Note: Access Consciousness Clearings are utilized in the COHS to assist you in removing any and all blocks and/or resistances you may encounter in your individual learning/revelation process. All of these will require you to choose something different than what you have chosen so far in your life. Some will clear past lifetime agreements that you made that limit you now on your journey in this lifetime. A few of these clearings may invite you to revoke old agreements that you have made that limit you in the time/space reality.  If this happens for you and you choose to not abandon those agreements, you may become a hindrance to the group as a whole and asked to leave. If this happens, then your commitment to the school is over and you are free to leave. The assessment of whether you have become a hindrance to the school is the prerogative of the teacher alone.

What will I experience as I go through the COHS?

Though different for each participant, generally each person has the chance to cognitively get clear about their past and present personal psychological history and destroy any limitations energetically carried forth from it. You will hopefully feel clearer and lighter on all levels. You will learn that you have choice at every moment to enjoy your experience here in this reality. You will hopefully live in a loose of community of folks who have all committed themselves to the same journey on which you are embarking. Lastly, we will all laugh and cry together and have a great deal of fun.

Class Dates:

April 13-15, 2018

June 15-17, 2018

August 10-12, 2018

October 5-7, 2018

December, 7-9, 2018

The Class structure for each of the five three day weekends will be:

8 AM – Access Bars Exchange

10 AM – Instruction and Hands-on Healing Lab

12 AM Questions and Answers with Spiritual Clearings

1 PM Lunch

2:30 Check Ins and Individual and Spiritual Clearings

3:30 Instruction and Hands-on Healing Lab

5:30 Questions and Answers with Spiritual Clearings

6:00 PM ish Class over for the day

Note: We will be follow the energy of the class and adjusting the schedule according to what the group requires in any particular subject module.

Note: We may break earlier than 6 on day three depending on where the energy is in the class.

Out of Town Student Housing

Each student is responsible for her/his housing and meal requirements. I have one Airbnb bedroom available and can be reserved online at  In the Asheville area, look for Country Living in the City Limits (king size bed). Other than that, see if rooms are available with local friends or students or local motels or other airnbnb sites.

Financial Agreement with the Circle of the Heart School of Healing and Life Mastery

I, _______________________________________________________, do commit and agree to pay Circle of the Heart School of Healing and Life Mastery, from hereon known as the COHS, an annual tuition of $3,000.00 US, either in full at registration, or in five payments of $600.00 the first of which is due at registration, and the remaining four at the beginning day of the he first four classes. As such, my tuition will be paid in full by the first day of the fourth class.

Pleases circle:

Tuition payment in full

Tuition payment in five payments of $600.00 each.

I understand that this is a spiritual and legal agreement and that I am binding myself by this agreement to honor it under all circumstances.

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Signature: ____________________________________________________________________________

Date signed: ____________/________________/_________________